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(Mobizen Screen Recorder) Can I record internal sound?

Currently, all screen recorders can not record internal sound.

Why can't I record Internal Sound?

Due to the Android OS policy, applications are not given the permission to record the internal sound of your device.  

*Mobizen is developing ways to record internal sound, but currently only Samsung devices are supported.

How to Record Game Sound through Your Mic

Although these are not the best ways to record internal sound, here are some tips to getting game sound in your video.

  1. Increase the main volume.
  2. Turn ON or enable speaker output.
  3. Unplug or remove headset / headphones.
  4. Use Mobizen X Gameduck Earphones

Best Way to Record Internal Sound

Mobizen X Gameduck Earphones are here to change the way you record videos.

These headphones were made for our users that would like to record gameplay, covers, music & rhythm games or anything else that involves the internal sound of your phone.

Mobizen X Gameduck Earphones has 3 settings that help better your recordings.

  1. Mic Mode – work like regular earphones and allows you to record external sound through your mic.
  2. Internal Recording Mode – allows you to record and hear only the internal sound of your phones without any background noise.
  3. Internal Recording + Mic Mode – allows you to record and hear internal sound and input through your mic.

You can buy these earphones through Amazon at:


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