[Mobizen for Samsung only] App unification notice

How to switch and to whom it applies to (Android 5.0 ~ 9.0)
Check out the services that will be changed as of April 30, 2019.
[Mobizen for Samsung only] Mobizen app service will be unified to [Mobizen] global version. Check the compensation and special offers for the affected users. 

Affected users

[Mobizen for Samsung] app users with Android 5.0 ~ 9.0. 

[Mobizen] Unification instruction 

  1. Click [Download] to get the Mobizen global version from the Google Play Store.
  2. Click on [Install] button to install the Mobizen global version. 

※ [Mobizen] global is the unified version of [Mobizen for Samsung].



Compensation for unification

In appreciation to your participation in the unification, we will be offering 1 month of Mobizen Premium at no cost.


How to get unification compensation

  1. Install [Mobizen] global version
  2. Compensation pop-up : click on [Receive compensation]




  • As of April 30, 2019, 'Mobizen for Samsung' app and service will be discontinued.
  • Mobizen Premium is a subscription based service and after 1 month of free usage, subscription must be purchased to continue using the service.

Thank you for your support on Mobizen Screen Recorder.

We will always try our best to provide the best recording environment.

Thank you.


- Mobizen Team -



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