(Advertising) Why does Mobizen Show Ads?

Learn why Mobizen shows ads

and how to disable to them


Mobizen shows ads to allow our users to have a 100% free application and service. We will continue to supply better, free features in the future and ask for your support! However, if you wish not to see ads, please look at the information supplied below.


How to Remove Ads

1. Click the Menu icon from your aircircle -> Click Settings -> Click "About Ads"



2. Click "Can I stop seeing ads?" > Purchase Removing Ads feature > Complete Payment


3. After the payment, can you not see ads? Through the menu, you can remove ① Pop-up Ads after Recording ② Push Ads ③ Promotion Pop-up Ads ④ List, Settings, Etc. Ads ⑤ Mobizen Star(Can be turned off in settings after payment).


However, Mobizen News and Announcement that help users have a better experience with our app will still be shown. (i.e. Events, Tips, etc.)


Removable Ads

  1. Pop-up Ads after Recording
  2. Push Ads
  3. Promotion Pop-up Ads
  4. List, Settings, Etc. Ads
  5. Mobizen Star




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