(SD Card) Where are my videos?

Find out the how to access your videos

created by Mobizen


In accordance with the Android policy, videos stored on external storage cannot be seen in YouTube or your Gallery. All videos can be found in the Mobizen Video List.


How to Access the Mobizen Video List

  1. Select Menu in the pop-out of your aircircle.
  2. Select Video List.
  3. Watch, Edit, and Share your videos!

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    Ali Rana vai 7620970921 Ali Rana vai


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    Ali Rana vai 7620970921 Ali Rana vai


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    It Pmo

    OK, but how can I download them? (copy to a phone or a viewable folder on sd card )

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    ahmed omar

    I lost my videos on the Mobizen app, can I get it back

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    azmil stick

    me too. i lost all my videos on the mobizen. can i get it back too.??