(Samsung, LG) How to Record Internal Sound

 Find out how to Record Internal Sound


Now, it is possible to record the "internal" sound directly with Mobizen for Samsung devices. No more loud breathing noises or dogs barking in the background, just the game sound.

※ Only Samsung and LG devices are supported at the moment, but we will be adding other devices soon.

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What is Internal Sound Recording?

It captures the audio from the app directly and includes it in the recording.  Since the audio stream is from the app, no microphone input will be captured avoiding all external/background noise.


Enabling Internal Sound

Go to Mobizen app > Settings > Record sound "Enabled" > Sound settings > Enable Internal sound.


Things to Consider

When internal sound option is enabled, no sound will be output through the speaker of headset (you won't hear anything, but it will be included in the recording).  When internal sound option is enabled, voice or microphone will not be recorded.


Advantages of Internal Sound Recording

  • Create video with game's sound from anywhere.
  • Create a cleaner and higher quality video without noise and unwanted sound.


Best Way to Record Internal Sound

Mobizen Earphones are here to change the way you record videos.  These headphones were made for our users that would like to record gameplay, covers, music & rhythm games or anything else that involves the internal sound of your phone.

Mobizen X Gameduck Earphones has 3 settings that help better your recordings.

  1. Mic Mode – work like regular earphones and allows you to record external sound through your mic.
  2. Internal Recording Mode – allows you to record and hear only the internal sound of your phones without any background noise.
  3. Internal Recording + Mic Mode – allows you to record and hear internal sound and input through your mic.


You can buy these earphones through Amazon at:

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