Recording Options and Settings

Learn the basics of Mobizen's Recording Options


Mobizen allows the users to create a recording with their desired recording settings giving the user full control over their content.



1. Resolution

This defines the screen size of the video and the total pixels included in each frame. Higher resolution yields better quality but results in larger video sizes and more CPU usage. Select from 240p to 1440p(2k) depending on your device's capabilities.


2. Quality

Video quality is measured by megabytes per second and defines how many pixels are shown during playback. Higher Mbps requires more RAM and memory while being played. Select from 0.5Mbps to 12 Mbps depending on your device's capabilities.


3. FPS

This defines how many frames should per captured per second. The higher the frame rate, the more smoother the movements in the video will be. However, the file size will increase exponentially. Select from 5 to 60 FPS depending on your device's capabilities.


4. Record Audio

Recording audio could be desired for some users and not for others. You can choose if you would like to include audio or not by toggling "Record Audio" on or off.


5. Aircircle

The Aircircle has all the controls you need to start recording videos, capturing screenshots, or accessing your Mobizen videos and settings. However, sometimes it can be distracting during a recording. You can choose whether or not you would like the Aircircle after starting your recording, change the transparency, or personalize it with your own picture/logo. You can find these options in the Aircircle Options.


6. Facecam

To create a interactive broadcast, Mobizen allows you to use the front facing camera on your device to display yourself as you record gameplay. Choose between a square or a circle shape. Also, customize the size to your wanting by dragging the corner.


7. Watermark

Mobizen allows our users to disable the watermark for 100% free. However, Mobizen did not stop there. Our user now has the option to create their own watermark to protect their content. Find out more here.


8. Countdown

The countdown setting gives you the ability to prepare before recording. You can select between settings that range from disabled to 10 seconds.


9. Touch Points

Touch Points alllow the user to call attention to things on the screen. However, this can sometimes cover action happening on the screen. Toggle Touch Points on or off in the Touch Gestures menu.


10. Recording Time

The Recording Time feature allows you to control the length of your video by displaying the amount of time recorded. Access this feature through the Recording Time menu.

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