How to Record Pokemon Go and Upload it to YouTube with Mobizen (Android)

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is the combination of the animation "Pokemon" with augmented reality(AR) in the package of a mobile (iOS, Android) game.  By walking around with the app on, Pokemon will appear on the map. Throw Pokeballs at them and capture the cute monsters.   


How to make a Pokemon Go Broadcast with Mobizen

  1. Download Pokemon Go from the Playstore
  2. Start you Mobizen app and start recording (Download Mobizen)
  3. Start your journey to catch the best Pokemon
  4. Share your video with your friends through YouTube and GameDuck


[Tip & Knowhow] Making the Quality of your Pokemon Go Video Better

  1. Turn on your facecam so you can interact with your viewers. (How to use your facecam)
  2. Use Mobizen Earphones to make your voice and game sound clearer! (Coming Soon)
  3. To prevent your video from stopping, check your memory! (How to check your memory)


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