What is Recording engine?


Recording engine is required by Mobizen to record and capture mobile screen.

What is Recording engine?

Recording engine is a plugin app for Mobizen that enables screen recording and capturing on mobile devices.

When Mobizen app is launched, a pop-up message will be presented to install the Recording engine if it is not present.

Why do I need it?

It is required on smartphone/tablet with OS version prior to 5.0 for Mobizen to be able to record and capture screen.

Check and download the Recording engine for your device from Google Play Store.

How do I install the latest version?

  1. Tap “Install Recording engine” (link to Google Play Store), install and download the Recording engine app.
  2. Once downloaded and installed, Mobizen app will start automatically and you can start recording and playing the video.

How do I keep it updated?

Keeping the engine to the latest version will avoid errors and ensure compatibility. Make sure to update it when the Mobizen app’s update is available.


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