Recording Options and Settings


  • Select the right option for the users device.
  • Adjust the options for the best quality video.
  • Launch the Mobizen app > press menu > select "Recording preferences".


1. Resolution

  • set the size of the video from 240p up to 1080p.
  • It defines the screen size of the video and the total pixel included in each frame of the recording.
  • Higher resolution yields better quality but results in larger video size and more CPU usage.

2. Quality

  • set the quality of the video.
  • Video quality is measured by Mbps and it allows from 0.5Mbps up to 12 Mbps (depends on the device's hardware) and it defines how much pixel is shown during the playback. Higher Mbps requires more CPU and memory while being played.


  • Frame Per Second.
  • It defines how many frames should be captured per second.
  • Higher frame rate means a smoother video, but increases the file size exponentially.
  • Mobizen allows from 5 fps up to 30 fps depending on the device's hardware.

4. Record Audio

  • to record audio from the mic of the device, turn Record Audio "ON" and "OFF" by swiping. the button.

5. Aircircle

  • select the Aircircle's view during the recording.
  • Users have the option to choose from Mobizen's logo, a user selected picture (ex. profile) 
  • Transparency: transparency allows users to adjust the transparency of the Aircircle.
    • Simply slide it across to select the ideal transparency from 0% up to 50%.

6. pip 

  • the device's front camera (PIP).

7. Display watermark

  • enable this option to include/show watermark during the recording.
  • By showing it at the recording, watermark is processed during the recording, and not after the video is recorded, improving the overall performance.

8. Countdown

  • set the countdown second at the start of the recording between 3 to 10 seconds.
  • This countdown allows the user to get ready for the recording instead of starting immediately.

9.Touch gesture

  • this option allows to exclude all taps and swipes from user's hand and mouse during recording.
  • Users can toggle Gesture Recording "ON" or "OFF" by swiping.

10.Recording time

  • set the position of the recording time to be displayed

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